19 March 2010

Felling Quercus Robur (English Oak) stump.

This was a very interesting job. The tree was not dead for a long time, the result was that the wood was solid, but EXTREMELY heavy; it is not common for Cape Town to have such dense Oak wood.

There was not a lot of space, as it was next to a hotel, with a brick walk way on the ground. There were good trees next to it to lower from, but in the end it was mainly chucking pieces onto a mattress.

18 March 2010

Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) reduction in Bantry Bay

Hi all.  Wow, was this a tricky one.  We had a big gum to reduce, with no access whatsoever,
The tree is between 2 buildings, there were almost no anchor points, we had to work across 2 roofs, and three vertical levels.  Below were terraces and pools, electric fences,, plants, etc.

It took some time, and innovation, as there was no way to remove the branches.  We hopped and skipped over walls, and roofs.  No damage, job well done.