25 October 2010

Felling dead, rotten and very dangerous Oak tree, Constantia

This tree was far to rotten to climb, and there was no possibility of lowering any pieces to the ground, as the frame of the tree would not have carried the load/weight, and the tree would have failed at the point of lowering. As you will see in the photos, space was very limited, and we had house walls on 2 sides.

Due to the very prominent danger, we decided to rather use a Mobil Elevated Working Platform (MEWP), instead of climbing the tree.

Doing the face cut/gob.

Using wedges to push trunk over.

The rotten base of the tree.

 Cutting up the tree.

Felling big Pine at Royal Cape Golf Club

 Felling this dead Pine was hard, as it was right up against a fence, with a road on one side of the fence, and a concrete walkway on the other.